SQL Server Resources

We have a huge amount of free information on our site:

A collection of all the whitepapers we think you need to read to help you with design, implementation, and troubleshooting. Covering SQL Server 2000 up to the current release.

All SQL Server versions (and what is the latest version)
A list with all SQL Server builds, hot fixes, cumulative update packages, service packs, kb article information for all SQL Server versions back to 7.0. Also a simple overview of the latest builds for all SQL Server versions.

Handy T/SQL Scripts and objects
A collection of handy T/SQL Scripts and Object that makes live easier.

DBA tips and tricks
Tips and tricks found and used while working as an DBA.

SQL Server security

SQL Server certification path
The lifespan of a certification varies, based on the certification track and certification technology.

SQL Server MCM Training Videos
40 hours of free training videos SQLskills recorded for Microsoft in late 2010.

SQL Server MCM/MCSM Reading List
Our comprehensive list of reading materials, blogs, websites, and books to help you study for the SQL Server 2008 MCM certification.

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