Mi6 SQL Intelligence Services is a company that brings SQL server to a higher level. We are a consulting team with extensive practical experience and knowledge of every aspect of the SQL Server environment, including server hardware, I/O subsystems, virtualization, application coding, and more.

Whatever your requirements are, we can help you. Whatever you problem is, we can solve it. We can go to any technical depth you want, and explain everything we do at your comfort level.

Our services include:

  • SQL Server Health Checks
    • Let us quickly analyze your complete SQL Server environment and shows you how to configure it for optimal performance, scalability, and stability.
  • SQL Server Performance Tuning
    • Have a specific performance problem you can’t solve? Or a general performance degradation you can’t figure out? Let us find it and fix it for you.
  • SQL Server Remote DBA Service
    • Need a SQL Server DBA but can’t add the headcount? Let the SQLskills team watch over your most critical SQL Servers.
  • SQL Server High Availability/Disaster Recovery Planning
    • Need help designing an HA/DR strategy? Or just figuring out which technologies to use? We have the expertise to help you.
  • SQL Server Disaster Recovery Assistance
    • Need help recovering from corruption? Or just someone to give you some direction? We’re here to help when your systems are down.
  • Hardware and SQL Server Upgrades
    • Unsure how to pick processors or size an I/O subsystem? Want to make sure you don’t waste SQL Server licensing dollars? We can help you optimize your budget.
  • General SQL Server Consulting
    • Want help putting together a database design? Or reviewing code for poor practices? Interviewing DBA candidates? Or anything else for that matter! We’re here for you.
  • Dedicated SQL Server Consulting
    • Integrate the SQLskills team into your environment so we become part of your team!

Contact us today to discuss your requirements by email, phone, or online meeting – free and with no obligation.

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